It is evident that this District has its historical importance for many reasons and being one of the main coastal areas of the country, in the past , the western invaders had, had landed here and the monuments left behind by them bear witness and to mention some of them are the “Forts” built at Mannar-Town and Arippu. The Ramar-bridge, hanging-bridge, Thiruketheeswaram-temple, Madhu-St.Mary’S Church, Light-house and the huge Baobab-tree speak of themselves with regard to the historical importance of this District.


This bridge was construct of sand and Lime-stones, in order to connect India and Sri Lanka. Bridge is called as Adam-bridge (Ramar-bridge) in the Tamil language, as Adams-bridge in the English-language and as Rama-sethu, in the language of Malayalam. This appears to be a sand-bund in length of 30 kilometres and 1.5 meter – 3.5 meter, above the water –level. In accordance with the historical entries it is said that there had been transportation using this bridge prior to the 15th Century.




bob tree

                                                                                   Mdhu Church





light house