Account Division


M.Selvaratnam Mylvaganam
Chief Accountant




Mr.Jebanesan Jacco


Our Vision

Dedicating to utilize public resources and finance in order to achieve a good living standard for the people.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide for the needs of the people in an efficient impartial reasonable and friendly manner and maintaining a financial control with transparency and responsibility according to public financial rules and regulations.

Financial Assistant - Fr 115, Fr 135 Shroff Duties & Supervision of the Duties

A/01 Imprest Cash Book & Salary (Manual)
A/02 Main Accounts Summary & Public Officers Advance “B” Account
A/04 Releasing Provision of other Department & ministries
A/05 Salary (Payroll System), Request of land Compensation,
Procurement Committee, Bank Reconciliation statement
A/06 Audit Query’s answer Preparation, District & Division Inventory Verification,
Revenue Report Preparation, Revenue Refund, Loss Detail
A/07 District Secratariat monthly Accounts Summery & printing cheques Bank reconciliation

Releasing Provision of District Secratariat - Colombo
Preparation of Budget estimates
Preparation of Budget estimates
Reconciliation of Deposit account


Vote Ledgers, D.S.Deposit Account Ledger


Payment of Pension
Allocation & Imprest
Control Accounts & collecting the source document of monthly pension
Source Document all D.S. Office


Checking Vouchers


Stores/ Record Rooms


Procurement, Purchasing

District Secretariat - Mannar Financial Progress-2018

Description Provision Received Actual Expenditure Saving/ Excess % Of the Actual Expenditure /
Provision Receved

Administration & Establishment Division

760090590V 01

Additional District Secretary


Assistant District Secretary


Mrs.Mariahilda Jeganathan
Administrative Officer


The main task of the establishment division is to perform administrative duties of the officers who work under the District secretary. The following duties are also carried out by this division.

  • New appointments
  • Extensions of service
  • Retirements of service
  • Issuing timber permits
  • Preparing jurists list
  • Training activities for officers
  • Issuing holiday railway warrants
  • Issuing loan facilities for officers
    • Property loans
    • Vehicle loans
    • Distress loans
    • Bicycle loans

In addition to establishment duties following duties also carriedout by the branch

  • Administration and supervision of the 13 divisional secretaries
  • Buddhist and cultural affairs, (Wesak festival organizing and Bellanvila and Kotte perahera activities)
  • Social services
  • Disaster management.(floods, tsunami)
  • Timber permits activities
  • Housing development activities
  • Agriculture development activities
  • Election activities
  • Training activities for officers
  • Participation and contribution for the ceremonial activities of the state
  • General duties and disciplinary activities of gramaniladaris
  • Computerizing the registering of births, marriages and deaths in the district
  • Appointing and all other activities of registrar of birth,marriage and death
  • Appointing graduate trainees

Planning Division

photo dp

Planning Director


"Creation of Prosperous District that is the premier location and gateway in country for Economical, Social, Financial, Commercial and Technological innovation and opportunities."


"Expansion of socio economic opportunities thereby enhancing the quality of the people in the district through integrated sustainable Economic, Social, Cultural and Physical Development."


  • Expansion of economy opportunities for income and employments.
  • Enhancing the living standard of the people.
  • Creation of better environment.
  • Empower of Sustainable House Hold Economic Unit.
  • Expansion of  Rural infrastructure facilities.


  • Sustainable development of  house hold units of  557 G.N. Divisions in the thirteen Divisional Secretariats.
  • Improvement of  Rural  Infrastructure Facilities as need.
  • Increasing sectoral distribution of  Gama Neguma and DCB allocation of the rural area in the District.
  • Achieving 100% both physical and financial Progress under the District Development Programme.
  • Updating & Completing of Resource Profile in all D.S. Division before the end of 2nd quarter in every year.
  • Updating district Data base system before the end of 2nd quarter in every year.


  • Facilitating Development policy of the District.
  • Overall Planning and Programming of the District Development Programme with the following major components.
  • Economic Development Planning.
  • Structural Planning.
  • Infrastructure facilities and public utilities planning.
  • Facilitation of Private Sector investments.
  • Promotions of Socio Cultural and Tourism.
  • Overall Coordination, Monitoring, and progress review of the Development Programmes.
  • Implementation of Decentralized Capital Budget Programme.
  • Implementation of Divi Neguma Programme.
  • Implementation of Gama Neguma Programme.
  • Implementation of Provincial Road Development Programme.
  • Preparation of Consolidated District Implementation Programme.
  • Updating of data for Divisional level Diagnostic and problems identification exercise.
  • Human Resources development activities in the district.
  • Development of documentation of the development related data and publication and studies and surveys.
  • Public awareness programme and publication.
  • Preparation of resources profile for DS Level.
  • Preparation of resource profile for Grama Seva Division Level.
  • Facilitating Divi Neguma Development policy in the District.

Functions of the District Planning Secretariat

  • Preparation of Annual Integrated District Development Plan
  • Preparation and Implementation of Decentralized Budget Programme
  • Preparation and Implementation of  Divi Naguma Programme
  • Preparation and Implementation of Provincial Road Development  Programme
  • Preparation of  District Development Action Plan
  • Updating Divisional Level Resource profile
  • Strengthening and maintaining District Operation Room
  • Implementation Rural Economic Development Programme
  • Conducting and Facilitating to District Coordinating Committee Meeting
  • Conducting Progress review Meetings
  • Conducting Divisional Level Diagnostic and Problems Identification survey exercise
  • Other Development related activities

Engineering Division


Mrs. Lalitha M. Gamage
District Engineer


Has existed for more than 10 years in the District Secretariat Colombo with the objective to providing practice of Engineering to serve the public sector. The activity of engineering division has become broader with time and, at present Nine officers are eligible to serve the public sector.

One of the key functions of the division is, to ensure the quality standards of all constructions in the Colombo District under the Authority of the District Secretary and Conduct Training Programmers to maintain a quality standards of the Technical officers.

The Strengths of the Division

District Engineer 01
Development Officer 01
Technical Officer 02
Draughtsman 01
Electrician 01
Technical Assistance 02
Management Assistants 01
K.K.S 01

Social Responsibilities

  • Ensure the safety and interest for well-being of the public.
  • Ensure that society’s funds and resource are well used.
  • Concern about the impact of engineering projects on environment and society.
  • Refusing to work on a particular project Violating above
  • Concern about the legality of all projects before Start the work.
  • Commitment to educate staff about Social responsibilities.
  • Responsible for all the action taken hence the impact of the action is on the society and the people.
  • Conduct training programmers to update the knowledge of the officers.
To Ensure the Social Responsibilities
  • Conduct price fixing committee to maintain a reasonable fixed price during the current year.
  • Conduct procurement process to select suitable contractors to offer new projects.
  • Field visits to maintain the standard of the construction.
  • Collect test report to maintain quality of the construction.
  • Conduct progress review meeting to maintain the progress of the construction.
New District Secretariat Building Complex at Narahenpita – Stage III
Total Estimated Cost Rs. 3890 million
Consultant CECB (Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau)
Special features Application of Green Building concepts
Present situation After calling the quotation from selected pre qualified contractors,
Evaluation report is submitted to Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee (CAPC) to get the approval for a selected contractor

Youth Service Division

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District Youth Service Officer


Performance of Colombo District Youth Service Division as Follows,

Programme Descriptions Allocations Expenditure
Establishing Youth societies 7000.00 7000.00
School leadership training camp 97750.00 97750.00
Regional leadership training camp 79000.00 79000.00
Divisional Sports
Dehiwala 22750.00 22750.00
Ratmalana 22750.00 22750.00
Kotte 22750.00 22750.00
Borella 22750.00 22750.00
Colombo East 22750.00 22750.00
Colombo Central 22750.00 22750.00
District sports 30500.00 30500.00
Foreign programmes 9500.00 9500.00
Youth drama festival 86000.00 86000.00
National youth day 170000.00 170000.00
Media propaganda 94000.00 94000.00
Yovun navodaya 7000.00 7000.00
Yovun sithata daham suvada 72500.00 72500.00
Youth drama festival 82500.00 82500.00
Youth Awards
Youth awards competitions 81500.00 81500.00
Youth awards festival 70000.00 70000.00
Inland Youth exchange programme(volunteer) - -
  1669250.00 1669250.00

District - Urban Youth District Office

No. Programme Place Date Total Youth Participation Institiutes
Sports ක/තරග Ladies  
01. National youth day Ratmalana vocational training institute 2012/05/23     110  83  
02. District sports competitions   2012/07/01 1350 560      
03. Divisional sports competitions. Borella. Sugathadasa Stadium 2012/06/15-16 250 200      
04. Regional sports competitions. W.Colombo Cooray sports ground, Wellawatta 2012/06/03 168 256      
05. Divisional sports competitions .E.Colombo Do 2012/06/03 400 youths only  
06. Divisional sports competitions. Ratmalana Deft school ground 2012/04/07   660      
07. Divisional sports competitions Dehiwala Saranankara ground, Dehiwala 2012/04/06 600 250      
08.  Divisional sports ground C.Colombo  Gunasinghapura ground  2012/06/16  200  300      
09.  District youth award festival  New town hall  2012/09/24  600 youths only     
10. Employers conferance   Attidiya glain hall  2012/10/05          103
 11. Job market   Ratmalana technical college  2012/10/19 Total participation (3200)
Employing (285)
For second round (587)
 12. School leadership camp   S.S. Jayasingaha college  2012/11/2,3,4. 50 youths only  
13.  Trade guidance programme  Presbitarian ladies college  2012/11/22      300    

District Disaster Management Unit

b dumy Mr. M.M.P.M. Marasinghe
Disaster Management Officer



District disaster management coordinating unit has established an emergency operation unit to cover 13 divisional secretary divisions to operate around the clock to when any disaster  coordinate relevant institutes and take action to minimize the disaster and do relief activities at post disasters.

Minimizing Disasters

  • Implement projects to minimize disasters, As an example :- Cleaning canals to minimize floods
    (Heen ela - Colombo ,Malpura ela - Kolonnawa, Serpantine -Thimbirigasyaya)
  • For minimizing earth slips (Melfert project)

Disaster Preventing

Colombo district disaster management unit is doing special activity to save people by preventing disasters.
As an example:- people in coastal area were evacuated  acting quickly when tsunami alarm on April 2012

Disaster Pre Preparation

Pre readyness planning done for 13 divisional divisions  by district disaster management unit and establishing rural committee in victimized gramaniladari divisions  and maintaining and awarding them disaster accessory kits done by the disaster management unit.

And awareness programmes and trial programmes were held continua sly in costal zones with tsunami danger. Specially in tsunami zone, recognizing safe places and mapping them and marking safe ways to the places were done for the safety of people, as well as for protecting people from tsunami, erecting siren horn and towers done under disaster pr alarming systems.

Recognizing disaster possibilities and preventing them and supplying instant relief for possible disasters are the activities of this unit.

Attention  Preparedness Plan

Collection Information of Already Formed Disaster Management Committees at Gn Level.

Name of the D/S Division: - Padukka

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
452 Galagedara East M. Somaweera M. Somaweera Praja Shalawa, Galagedara East. 30 No

 Name of the D/S Division: - Seethawaka

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
432 E Aradhanakanda W. Wickramage W. Wickramage 432 E, Aradhanakanda. 88 No
444 D Koodaluwila B.U.C. Rupasinghe B.U.C. Rupasinghe 444 D, Koodaluwila. 30 No
432 B Seethawaka S. Paranawithna Swarna Paranawithna 432 B, Seethawaka, Awissawella. 50 No
455 Pahala Hanwella S.S.P. Kumara S.S.P. kumara 167/2, Pahala Hanwella, Hanwella. 50 No
443 Ihala Hanwella North L.A. Athukorala L.A. Athukorala Ihala Hanwella North. 40 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Kotte

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
514 D Welikada North Ajith Gunathilake Ajith Gunathilake 514 D, Bodirajaramaya, Rajagiriya. 30 No
514 C Obesekarapura Sunil  Liyanage Sunil  Liyanage 514 C, Obesekarapura, Rajagiriya. 30 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Kolonnawa

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
501 A Ambathale B.G.L. Damayanthi B.G.L. Damayanthi Kalatuwawaththa purana Viharaya, Mulleriyawa. 50 No
509 A Sedawaththa K.A.D.S. Jayawardhana K.A.D.S. Jayawardhana Sri winayasramaya, Sedawaththa. 62 No
504 Kelanimulla N.K. Waruni Alwis N.K. Waruni Alwis Sinhale Pansala, Kelanimulla. 40 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Colombo

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
  lunupokuna S. Urathreeran Y.S. Peiris 70/100, Rock House Avenue, Modara. 55 No
  Mattakkuliya M.Y.M. Siddeek W.K.D.S. Gunasekara 1/3.H./53, Kadirana Waththa, Col 15. 55 No
  Aluthmawatha U.K. De Silva U.K. De Silva 208, Muthuwella, Col 15. 42 No
  Modara Kaldera M.A.P. Kamse 149/49, Modara veediya, Col 15. 48 No
  Kotahena East J.J.S. Kandappa J.J.S. Kandappa 203, Pirkinsan Road, Col 13. 45 No
  Sammanthranapura Wimalasena U.D. Priyantha 47/J/54, Samithpura. 35 No
  Nawagampura S.K. Uruthiran C. Dalugodage C.G.S. Kamkarupura, Stait Road, Col 14. 44 No
  Blumendal Chathuranga S. Fernando 186/A/1, Stadium, Col 14. 54 No
  Kotahena West P. Polkotuwa J.J.S. Kandappa 203, Pikareens Road, Col 13. 30 No
  Keththaramaya M.M. Thasleem M.M.Thasleem 159/D/17, Maligawaththa, Col 10. 32 No
  Kochchikade G.L. Ranjanee S.H.A. Majeed 54/19, Gaus Mohideen Mawatha, Col 12. 40 No
  Newbazar M.D.L. Amarathunga M.A. Tharinda

105/70, Grandpass, Col 14.

34 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Kaduwela

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
488 Korathota M.K. Priyawansa K.C. Nimalka 124/4, Horakattiya Rd, Korathota, Kaduwela 30 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Rathmalana

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
546 Rathmalana West R.S. Somasiri A.N. Fernando 61/A, Ghanendra Rd, Rathmalana 32 No
546 B Vihara G.L. Fernando P. Muthuthanthri 9C, Silvester Rd, Rathmalana 30 No
546 A Wedikanda A.N.L. Perera W.L. Fernando 121, Wewewaththa, Sudharmarama Rd, Rathmalana 31 No
541 Mt. Levinia A.S. Amarasekara S. Fonseka 38/1, Open Place, Dehiwala 34 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Dehiwala

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
540 A Dehiwala West K.A.S. Wijesinghe W.A.D. Sujeewa 55/B, De Alwis Place, Dehiwala 33 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Kesbewa

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
576 A Thumbowila North D.C.R. Malkanthi A.A. Nayanarathna 98/3, Battiyawaththa, Thumbowila 34 No

Name of the D/S Division: - Moratuwa

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
556 B Egodauyana South Raskin Pranadhu I.G. Jayarathne 458/12, Modara, Moratuwa 25 Yes
556 A Egodauyana Central Jayani Pranadhu Sitha Damayanthi 18/6, New Gall Raod, Moratuwa 30 Yes
556 Egodauyana North E.H.D. Lakmal Tuder Peries 56/27, jayanthi road, Egoda Uyana, Moratuwa 25 Yes
555 A Katukurunda  South R. Pereis N. Pereis 26 BUC house Katukurunda ,Moratuwa 30 Yes
555 Katukurunda north D.K. Franado N.Y. Peries 12/1, Jhosaf place, Katukurunada North 25 Yes
554 A korala wella South Dirtin Silva T. Darmasiri 30, De Mel Root, Koralawella, Moratuwa 15 Yes
554 C korala wella west W.I. Priyanthi Miulet Frando 27, samajawada niwahal place, korala Wella West, Moratuwa 25 Yes
554 korala wella North S.P.M. Arachchi S. Pranado 23/A, 5 Lane, Korala wella north, Moratuwa 25 Yes
553 Moratuwella South S.P.M. Arachchi S.K. Premadasa 47, Nowis Road, Moratuwella South, Moratuwa 30 Yes
553 B Moratuwella West Donal Gamini C. Franadoo 15, shantha pether road, Moratuwella, Moratuwa 25 Yes
553 A Moratuwella North G.U. Chiradarani Ebert peiris 49, Uyana Road, Lunawa, Moratuwa 25 Yes
553 C Uswaththa S. Chandana R.T. Franado 77/7, Uswatta, Moratuwa 30 yes
552 A Uyana South Jayaprith Alwis Ranjani Sepali 35/14 Uswatta Moratuwa 25 Yes
552 B Uyana North Nalin Prasanna Kure Widyasekara 2/149/8, Lane, Uyana 30 Yes
547 A Agulana South Ajantha Upanada Sunil Pinapiya Sumudrasanna Road, Agulana, Moratuwa 25 Yes
547 Agulana North Ajantha Pranadhu S. Suwarna Kanthi

178/4, sisira Dayas Pedesa, Agulana

25 Yes
549 Thelawala South D.S. Rathnabarathi M. priyadarshani 8/10, Thelawala Road, Galkissa 25 Yes

Name of the D/S Division: - Homagama

GN Area Name of the
Head of CBO
Address of the
Total Number of
Whether registered
in the D/S
Name of the
Name of the
595 Heraliyawala N.P. Jayakodi D.D. Dasanayaka 38/1, Heraliyawala, Polgas Owita 25 No
594 Ambalangoda N.P. Jayakodi Jayakodi Heraliyawala, Polgas Owita 30 No

Agriculture Division

b dumy


b dumy

Mr. H.M.G.N.K. Kaluhendiwala
Assistant Director - පොහොර


Efficient and productive agricultural sector and strengthen food security and prosperity for the people in the Colombo district.


Socially accepted and commercially innovative entrepreneurial orientation to achieve a globally competitive agriculture products produced through sustainable natural resource.


  • Department of Agriculture to meet the goals of the development of agriculture in the Colombo district
  • Perform for the coordination role of the district and local levels optimize the contribution of agriculture to use other line departments and the private sector

Sports Division

b dumy

Mr. P.S. Pemachandra
District Sports Officer

b dumy

Mrs. M.P.S. Rangika
District Sports Trainer

Registered sports clubs with representing sports people in Colombo district are in 494 clubs. Details of competitions held are as follows.

Stage Name of the Tournament No.of Participation
1st Stage Inter sports club competitions 40500
2nd Stage Inter divisional secretary divisions competitions 17500
3rd Stage Inter districts competitions (Western Province) 8000
4th Stage National general sports festival 450

Details of allocations as follows,

Project Allocations Allocations
Western Province
Sports Ministry
Department of Sports
National general sports festival
First stage - Inter sports club competitions
780000 130000
Schools junior competitions 130000  
National general sports competition Second stage - Inter divisional secretariat divisions competitions 600000 130000
Conducting an oblation festival 150000  
Development of play grounds   3000000
Providing Aids for attending International Sports Competitions 500000  

Research & Communication Unit


Mrs. M.M.K. Dilrukshi Walpola
Assistant District Secretary


"Smart Colombo"


Session is under construction

Main Activities

Session is under construction

On Going Project

Session is under construction

Media Unit

Government Department of Information established media units in every district 12 years ago. According to the programme an media unit established in Colombo district secretariat and named it as Colombo district media unit.

By this district media units government expected to carry propaganda activity among people about development activities of the district. Awaring people about development programmes of government was the expectation. For this purpose employed the state media as well as printed media.

Main activity of this unit is  recognizing progress and problems and all data of projects implementing in the district done with allocations of decentralized budget and provincial councils and other resources for the development of Colombo district  and issue them to all media. specially  details of  district development committee and district coordinating committee holding under the supervision and operation of district secretary and collected by participating meetings and these information should issue to journalists of the district by coordinating them. And information of meetings ,workshops and ceremonies holding in the district  should issue to the media by coordinating them.

Within the relevant period  Colombo district media unit  has been done following activities under the approval of district secretary.

  • Covering all committee meetings and issuing information to media.
  • Covering all the workshops held under the Colombo district strategic development plan.
  • Covering and propagating by media about tournaments organized by Colombo district public service sports association.
  • Collecting reports published in press media.
  • Coordinating development activities of various branches of Colombo district secretariat  and issuing relevant reports to media.

Measurements Standard Unit

b dumy

Mrs. W.C. Saroja
Officer Incharge (Standered Measurment Unit)



  • Testing and stamping of weighers and measuring accessories of traders annually by an inspector.
    • Organizing testing and stamping centers to test and stamp measuring accessories of traders in every divisional secretariat with the guidance of district secretary.
    • Fuel issuing accessories of filling stations testing and stamping annually.
    • Accessories of emission testing of emission testing centers testing and stamping.
    • Testing and stamping of measuring accessories of factories testing and stamping annually.
  • Raiding and taking legal actions against traders who violate legal allocations of the 1995 No.35 Measuring units and Standard services Act. (clauses 37, 42, 38, 46, 51, (6).
  • Taking legal actions against traders violate above legal allocations.
    • No. of stamped units - 34954
    • Total revenue - Rs.9130207.50
    • Finished court actions -76
    • Penalties - Rs.148500.00


"To be the Apex Institute for Science of Measurement, being responsible for the National Measurement System and to ensure justice and equity in regulatory activities and transactions based on Measurements"

The Department was estabilished under the provisions of the Measurement Units Standards And Services Act No.35 of 1995. The Department aims to establish, maintain, and disseminate National Standards of Measurement in Sri Lanka and the traceability of Measurements. It also provides the Legal Metrological framework to trade, Industry, science, health, security and environmental protection.

Census & Statistics Division

b dumy

Mr. W.B.J. Wickramarachchi



  • Counting activities
  • Survey activities
  • Collecting general data
  • Preparing statistical hand book
  • Collecting special data
Counting Activities
  • Population and houses counting
  • Agricultural survey
  • Industries survey
  • Trades and services survey
Survey Activities
  • Estimating paddy harvest
  • Labor force survey activities
  • Home units income and expenditure survey
  • Annual industrial survey
  • Quarterly industrial productions survey
  • Annual construction industries survey
  • Coconut productions cost survey
General Data Collection Activities
  • Paddy statistics
  • Dry land cultivation statistics
  • Animal statistics
  • Statistics of animal killed for meat
  • Buildings statistics
  • Local government bodies statistics
  • Urban retail prices collecting
  • Manufacturers price collecting
Preparing Annual Statistical Hand Book
  • Preparing hand book with up dated data  gathered by field officers attached to divisional secretariats.
Special Data Collecting Activities
  • Collecting data for special surveys ordered by the department.
    • E.g :- 01 Quality survey on poverty in Sri Lanka - 2012 Aug.: / Sep.:
  • International prices comparing programme.

Explosive Division


Mr. Chamara Hiran Jayakody
Asst.Controller of Explosive


 Activities of this branch done under main two fields,

  1. Activities of explosives relevent subject
  2. Activities of fire arms relevent subject

Activities of Explosives Relevant Subject

Under this subject explosive permits or explosive licences are issued relevent to use of technical explosives.

Issuing of Explosive Permits
  • When commercial level mineing activities explosive permits are issued for requirements of explosives.
    • Metal quory industry Performance and Financial Report 2014
  • When non commercial level mineing if there is a explosive requirement explosive permits are issued for the purpose.
    • When developing a land to blast and remove obstacles.
  • When making a foundation or digging a well to blast obstacles.
  • For various industries (non digging industries) to use explosives permits are issued.
    • For Aurvedic productions
    • For mosquito coils production
    • For ink/paints productions
    • For boxes of matches production
    • For rubber related Productions
Issuing of Explosives Licenses
  • For manufacturing fire works.
  • For commercial supplying of fire works.
  • For manufacturing of elephant fire crackers.
  • For supplying of explosives.
  • For monufacturing of explosivs.
  • For importing of explosives import licenses
  • For exporting of explosives export licenses.

Activities of Fire Arms Subject

  • Gun licenses issueing for cultivations protection.
  • Gun licenses issueing for animal husbandary.
  • Issueing cartridges for these licenses.
  • Recomanding licenses for cultivation protection, animal husbandary and life protection.

Special Activities of Explosives Branch

  • Attend various test blasting and do necesasary recomandations .
  • Participating inspections for examinig the quallity of imported explosivs .
  • Doing field inspections at industries on these explosives .
  • Holding workshops to give technical knowledge for fire work industry and mineing industry .
  • Safely destroying of date expired and unusable explosives.

Performance of the Explosives Branch as Follows in 2014

Kind of Permit/ License No of Permits Issued in 2014 Amount Rs.
Explosives permits(for commercial mining) 241 60250.00
Explosives permits ( for commercial non mining) 17 4250.00
Explosives permits ( for non commercial mining) 17 1700.00
Total no. of monthly issued permits 275 66200.00

Kind of License Quantity Amount Rs.
Fire crackers supplier license 252 64250.00
Fire crackers manufacturer license 3 1500.00
Authorized explosives supplier license 6 12000.00
Explosives import license 15 85000.00
Explosives export license 3 3000.00
Imported explosives supplier license 6 12000.00
Total no. of monthly issued permits 285 177750.00

Private Security Agencies Registration in 2014

Registration of Private Security Agencies Quantity Amount Rs.
No. of registration renewed 116 94500.00

Total Revenue Earned From Issuing Permits, Licenses and Registrations in 2014

Issued Permits and Licenses Revenue Rs.
Revenue from explosives permits 66200.00
Revenue from explosives licenses 177750.00
Revenue from private security agencies registrations 94500.00
Revenue from gun licenses issued for single persons 296900.00
Revenue from gun licenses issued for various institutes 340800.00
Total Revenue in 2014 (Rs) 976150.00

Divineguma Division

b dumy

Mr. A.G.S. Ashoka Kumara
Divineguma Director

Samurdi programme can be introduced as a development programme which centered the low income earning and low privileged family groups and community and act to eliminate their poverty and create a reasonable society to confirm their rights .

Promoting of livelihood economic development activities,food security confirming for the family,guiding the community for saving and maintaining micro financial bank system to supply people micro financial loan facilities to uplift their livelihood development,organizing people for a national level activities by promoting,developing physical and social infra structural facilities of people, implementing diriyapiyasa housing programme centering the family,implementing social security programmes,implementing scholarship programs for children of low income families,and organizing kekulu children societies and competitions to improve their talents,developing attitudes by implementing social development programmes,implementing samurdi subsidiary programme for low income families and participating to implement divineguma programme for organizing people for a national development activity like wise implement various programmes to develop from the person tofamily society and village by the samurdi programme.

Implementing Programmes

  • Bank programme
    • Savings activity - accepting savings,members,non members,groups,diriya matha,lama sisuraka,kekulu,compulsory.
    • Loan programme - self employment loans,housing loans,consumer loans,distress,Mihijaya,Kirula,Divineguma,Isura.
  • Social development programme
    • Diriya Piyasa housing programme
    • Anti narcotic programme
    • Children societies programme.
  • Social security programme.
  • Livelihood development programme.
  • Divineguma homegarden programme.
  • Samurdi subsidiary programme.

Samurdi programme implemented in 557 gramaniladari divisions in Colombo district by 42 bank societies employed 69 samurdi managers and 868 samurdi development officers for this purpose.

Divineguma Livehood Development Programme